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Advanced equipment designed & manufactured in the UK

Unique  –  Affordable  –  Flexible  –  Efficient  –  Expandable 


The In-Products unique range of access control, building automation control and lone person monitoring equipment is designed and made in the UK. In 1 opens a whole new world of control and awareness for the installer and end user.

The Control-In unit is the jewel of our product range. Easy to install and manage, either used as standalone units, or within a network, each unit provides the answer for numerous building requirements involving up to 1500 individual users, only the on-board embedded web-based browser software varies according to the application selected.  

Our new Master software allows all networked units to be monitored from one connection, via LAN or internet, providing a fully flexible control for any requirement, including our live fire evacuation ‘Roll Call’ software which is second to none. Connections are easy and prevent crossover errors, whilst the logs, interactive operations, and programming can be securely accessed.

Each ‘Control-In’ unit can be used either as a two-door access control system, a twenty-detector monitoring system, multi user intruder alarm system, a building control system, temperature and humidity monitoring system, a lone person monitoring system, care home resident room monitoring system, valuable items monitoring system, or for a multitude of other uses. Any of the above are available from the same control unit, only the onboard software selected changes for each use.

We can:-

supply the equipment

assist with project design

provide training at your workshop or onsite

assist with programming and commissioning

All of our equipment is factory tested prior to dispatch, and utilises RJ12 and RJ45 plug-in connections

If you have a particular site scenario and would like to know how our equipment can provide the solution,  Contact Us outlining your requirement, and we will be pleased to help.

In 1 (UK) Ltd is registered in England – no. 10078539.

Registered office—33 Hopps Road, Kingswood, Bristol. BS15 9QQ.

V.A.T. Reg. No. 237 7243 96